There is no better way to ensure continuous education in the ultrasound field than with the Soundiagnosis Academy webinar series! No matter where you are located, you can either tune in live or catch up on the replay of our webinars which cover a range of unique and interesting ultrasound topics with guest speakers joining us from all over the world! Replays are available to registered attendees for three weeks following the webinar. We have new topics every month, sign up to our webinars below!

PROGRAM 2021-2022
7:30pm (Australia, Melbourne) AEDT

9th September 2021       Ultrasound in Porto-systemic Shunts search (Special Guest: Dr Hock Gan Heng) 
7th October 2021           Small Animal Pregnancy Ultrasound in the general practice
4th November 2021        Thoracic ultrasound (non-cardiogenic pathology) (Special guest: Dr Susanne Boroffka)
9th December 2021        Musculoskeletal ultrasound    
6th January 2022           Echocardiographic findings in most common Congenital heart defect (part 1)

10th February 2022        Echocardiographic findings in most common Congenital heart defect (part 2)
10th March 2022            Interventional Ultrasound: US guided sampling techniques and more…
7th April 2022                Masterclass in Cardiology: Tissue Doppler – When/ How and Why to use?
19th May 2022 (NEW DATE)  Echocardiography in Dilated Cardiomyopathy cases
9th June 2022                Is this really HCM?
7th July 2022                 Case discussion - What is your diagnosis?
4th August 2022             Ultrasound use in reptiles and birds
8th September 2022      FREE: Ultrasonography in Zoo and Marine Mammal Medicine
20th October 2022        Ultrasound of the upper urinary tract
10th November 2022     Ultrasound of the lower urinary tract