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In-Clinic Training Sessions

Would you like to be trained on your own system in your own clinic? Do you want to master your scanning technique or take your team to the next level? Soundiagnosis Academy can help. We can come to you and provide training within your premises and on your system(s). We really enjoy our in-clinic sessions- and we think you will too!!!

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Just starting out in ultrasound? Spend half a day with Soundiagnosis Academy and learn how to perform a Basic Abdominal ultrasound or Basic Echocardiography.
Learning the basics the Soundiagnosis Way lays the foundation for confident, consistent and efficient scanning.

Half day Basic Abdominal Ultrasound or Echocardiography

Full day Abdominal ultrasound or Echocardiography

Our full day practical sessions teach the Soundiagnosis Way to perform a full abdominal ultrasound or full echocardiogram. Learn the techniques we practice every day in the Soundiagnosis Veterinary Ultrasound Service.

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Tailor sessions to your needs

Is there any particular cavity, organ or tissue that would you like to learn to scan? Is there something you just can't get the hang of? Soundiagnosis Academy can help. We can tailor a half or full day session to focus on the technique you need to develop. Scanning confidently, consistently and efficiently- that's the Soundiagnosis Way.

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